Grab your crowns and sashes YOU are going on TOUR!

With all of the happenings going on lets take some time to explore under the sea!! A couple of fun activities for our QUEENS and the whole family!

Please use what you have and be creative. We want to see you create:

Don't tell us why you can't do it we only want to hear from those that will do it!

Must be in BOTH CROWN AND SASH and dress up Like a Movie Star. After all YOU are a Celebrity.

1. An under the sea Creature

made from items you find around the house.

3 pics and if extra, do a video telling us how to make your sea creature.

Videos are an important component to keep our girls engaged and help them to prepare for interviews with eloquence.

2. Create an under the sea meal, dessert or snack

3 Pics and if extra a video like you are hosting a cooking show.

And if real extra make yourself with the help of the whole family of course, make yourself a TV Kitchen with the title of your show.

3. Send 6 pics as well of something you come up with that is creative in the Under the Sea Theme.

4. Write a story with Pictures and then do a video of course pics too, do a puppet show, anything as long as Under the Sea Themed.

Do 3 and get a PDF Achievement Certificate. Do all and Get a Community Service

Certificate for framing. Post as you do them. Tag the whole album make sure the posts are PUBLIC and make sure there is a downloadable link for us to upload your video to our YOUTUBE channel. or once complete ask and we will tell you how YOU can upload your YOUTUBE video to the Tourism Pageant Productions Page.

We have added LOTS of Pictures for you to tap into your creative side.

Due April 5, 2020 by 5PM!

Any Queen from any Pageant MAY JOIN US.

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