Easter Challenge #2 Grab your Crowns and Sashes You are going on Tour!

Grab your crowns and sashes because we are Touring Easter. Due on or before April 12, 2020 by 7pm. 3 pics or 3 pics and video. Easter is a time of reflection and future. It is also a time for family. We want you to create a fancy lunch or dinner using as many things as you can find outdoors as decor. We want you to prepare and decorate your table whether an indoor candlelit meal or an outdoor fancy fun time. Photograph each step and video as if you are Martha Stewart. Lets have fun and wear your Easter best. Have fun with this whether rustic class, french country or high society glam lets see how creative you are. Wear your fanciest dress and make invitations to hand out. You are creating an event for those you love! I want to see your best Martha Stewart on air personality.