I Am The Change...

Due Every Thursdays by 5PM Details inside this challenge...

And Due Sundays by 5PM.

The Tourism Pageant is always about being kind and grateful. Those words alone could change the world. With the World being in such a whirlwind, maybe its time for all of us to slow down, or even STOP a minute and ask our selves... Am I helping or am I hurting. For the whole Month of November...A month that traditionally asks us to give thanks...Let's really dig deep and see what we can truly do by influencing just one other person to understand, it is time to for all of us to be Kind and Grateful, to check on one and other, to ask if we can do anything, to stop judging each other and to just take ONE step every day in changing one thing. This world needs HOPE and it is up to YOU and YOU and YOU and ME to give it. So every Sunday in the Month of November Tourism Girls post a Photo of you IN YOUR CROWN AND SASH AND JUST A GIRL T.. (A Different one each week (photo that is) in your Kind and Grateful T-shirt) Tell us what you did that had a significant impact on someone else. These do not have to be large gestures, maybe, you are extra nice to someone you snubbed before, maybe you you write a note and leave it for someone unsigned... Maybe you open a door, carry groceries, offer your time to a kid or elder. Its not that hard just one step at a time!!!

Due Each Sunday in November by 5 P.M. You should be smiling in your photo. We are the change as a famous person once said if not now then when if not us then who?

And due Wed. each week in November, You will write a handwritten letter note and give it, mail it, hand it, telling that person what an inspiration they are and how they inspire others. This can be anyone from another Tourism Girl, to a Teacher, a boss, a relative, a caregiver, a civic worker, anyone... why handwritten? because people like to feel special and important, how better to do that than to have physically handwritten that letter, took the time to get it to them, just to lift them up. And the recipient will feel an enormous accomplishment just knowing someone out there acknowledged them.

Since we have a whole month you can do more than one letter each week. These are due for Thankful Thursday by 5PM in Crown and sash and I'm just a Girl T-shirt. For there to be peace on Earth we have to be kind a grateful. It starts with me!

Please do not send in links to where the pics are. Upload the photos into an album on Facebook, make the album Public and tag Teri and Share the Whole Album to her. Do not send individual photos. Lets make This November a Kind and Grateful Month. Love one another!!


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