If I can Do IT... So Can You!! By Andrea Cantrell

World’s Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Teen 2020 Andrea Cantrell 

I want to INSPIRE you to become a role model.  I want to INSPIRE you to become a leader? 

My inspiration was Tiffany Lockhart, she had been a Tourism girl and had told me about the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant. It took some convincing to get mom to say yes to this amazing journey. She finally did. Tiffany and my parents told me many times. I could do anything. I never dreamt that I would have given a speech, in front of so many people and be so confident and I still remember my first speech even now. This pageant is not solely based on beauty, it’s how you inspire others, a responsibility in becoming a role model and leader, and your true beautiful personality!

When you join the Tourism Pageants, the journey will take you all kinds of places. You will be able to learn both the responsibility of a leader and respect, to be a role model. A role model is someone that stands out in your community to help, inspire and encourage others. I learned being a public figure is someone who dresses appropriately, stylish and has a good personality. Leaders aren’t just someone to tell you what to do. They are responsible, loyal and understand with empathy others around them. It is someone with love, compassion, and courage to try something new. I have come a long way since beginning my journey as

World’s Miss Preteen Virginia Tourism 2019.

I never expected to have kids come up to me and say “She’s a princess.” and kids my age asking me questions about being a queen, taking photos with me. It is overwhelming to know I may have influenced someone. 

I want to tell everyone considering this journey, I only did a few local pageants before this. I was having so much fun as Worlds Pre-Teen Miss Virginia Tourism and met the girls in my

in my age group waaaay before nationals. We were and are friends. At the finals pageant we encouraged each other.. Do not hesitate this is such a wonderful experienced. Join me and enter to attend National this year in July the 24, 25, 26 of 2020 in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  I will bet you too will have a spectacular, fabuloso year!!

Your World’s Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Teen 2020

Andrea Cantrell

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