Meet Arabella, Worlds Miss Tourism Pre-Teen Grand Supreme 2021

A star shining bright. My actress of the group. After learning so much about this amazing firecracker, she will take on the world and win every time. She is a fearless

12 year old, Arabella and is Worlds Miss Tourism Pre-Teen Grand Supreme... if I had to describe her I would say authentic, works harder than most anyone else, even when she thinks you're not watching and best of all she is the most sweet, kind individual on this planet. And that my friends

is Arabella.

This 7th Grader hails from the great state of Michigan and is in the 7th grade. She has a brother, for which she is very close and that adores and supports her in all she does.

Many might say she is an over achiever, ranking 2 miles in 14 minutes on her Cross Country Varsity Team and National Jr. Honor Society for 2 years. Arabella would excel as a S.T.E.M. Girl since her favorite classes are Math and Science. This reporter sees a future Dr. Arabella among us. She tells us she is a Waterskiing enthusiast (learned to climb on top of a pyramid, while skiing). She loves Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Plays trombone (3 years now – band at school) Loves anything to do with exercising.

Arabella also, loves anything to do with animals and nature. And no one could have guessed her favorite animal would be the Otter. Maybe a Future Research Wildlife Biologist. I can see her love for animals in that she has a cat Willow, a leopard gecko Lizzy (technically her brothers - guinea pig Matthew, a cat Aztec)

Arabella is a super busy girl but never fails in her Tourism Duties and has never said I can't, and has never given any excuse as to why something could not be done ... It always gets done. That is integrity and Loyalty. She has an optimistic hope inside her that she can do anything. This is true, as she has tried just about every sport/activity – Tennis, Soccer, Dance, Volleyball, Baseball, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Choir, Ice Skating, Theater/Plays (played Young Anne in Anne of Avonlea – early 2020)

This Royals favorite color is aqua and her favorite foods are strawberries, lemons, Birthday

Bash ice cream, macaroons...She Doesn’t like salad dressings – eats salad plain. she also loves crafts and activities – painting, making pillows and bracelets, etc. –this young entrepreneur sells them at their sub sale too.

Her talents are many, and her Star is bright, she has walked in fashion shows since the age of 3 and has appeared in magazines and on TV. Arabella is a Graduate of John Casablanca Modeling and Acting program as well, a Graduate of MI Studios for Acting. Arabella has combined the skills that she has learned and creates musical theater pieces for her talent - which are full of energy. And more recently, Arabella was chosen to participate in a “Who I Am” magazine project where she talked about her experiences and got to show the world that no matter how different one is, everyone is loved.

Arabella's platform "Building a Better Area with Bella" Arabella goes to parks and cleans them up also, donates to little libraries she just tries to make the environment a better place.

Some of Arabella's faves TV Shows: Gilligan’s Island, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Green Acres, and Wild Kratts. She Loves to read books, go to zoos and museums, and travel to new places

In learning about Arabella I see her as accomplished, as someone who will try until she masters whatever is at task. She is Creative and imaginative – free spirited – has a big heart, Nno surprise to this reporter is that she Volunteers on the Student Leadership Services team where she helps to educate her peers and younger kids to ensure they remain safe, healthy, and alcohol free. She’s working on developing projects for youth on topics of mental health, bullying, and distracted driving.

Arabella came to the Tourism pageant 2 years ago, and says she loved the challenge of something new and mostly she loves to challenge herself. Arabella is a self motivated royal. She also wanted to better her community and this smart cookie knows the crown opens doors and because it wasn’t glitz. Arabella came back to us, she signed up after nationals and when asked why she wanted to come back again, she said she came back because she loved the experience she had, the friends she made, and the opportunities available for her. Arabella won Worlds Miss Tourism Role Model in 2019,

the title of Worlds Pre-Teen Miss America Tourism in 2020 and WON the title Worlds Miss Tourism Pre-Teen Miss Grand Supreme 2021. Her group became very close during the weekend and are very good friends. As girls won, her group was amazing, they were hugging and high fives were flying all over the place for each other, whether they won or not. Very supportive. When Arabella says her fave part of Tourism is trying new things, I truly believe this. We know Arabella had fun at Finals and we can't wait to see her mentor others coming in at finals in 2021.

Arabella's platform is no doubt her big passion - she loves nature and wants to keep it protected, so, we will always have great places to go, play, or visit. Changing the World, that is what a Tourism Girl does. Arabella is one that someday, will most likely head up the Environmental Protection Agency. Whatever this ultra busy young lady does she will for sure, be a force to be reckoned with. "This director cherishes this royal, Arabella tries harder, and she obviously cares deeply about her affect as a title holder" Big things are in store for Arabella, she has the World and no doubt will conquer all she does!

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