Meet Cheri, Worlds Classic Ms. Tourism 2021

Ladies and Gentleman and kids of all ages meet the Matriarch of Tourism Royalty. At Age 59, She hails from the Great State of Tennessee and reigned as Worlds Classic Ms. Tennessee Tourism 2020. This July 2020 the excitement grew, as she was crowned as Worlds Classic Ms. Tourism 2021. She is Cheri Doane!

Her story begins on a small farm in Knoxville, Tennessee where she grew up. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a degree in Early Childhood Development. For a little over 18 years, Cheri could be found teaching and directing pre-school. Cheri currently teaches a three-year-old pre-k class.

Cheri proves her Motto “You are never too old to change the world” proves this when she went back to school to live her passion. Now a certified Make-Up Artist, Cheri works with local photographers, providing clients looks, that could make the covers of any magazine...and as a matter of fact some of her work with these photogs has been published national magazine. Her passion does not stop there... she also loves her brides and helping her... to Look the Best she can on her very special day. Through the artistry of make-up, Cheri is changing the World, making it beautiful, one client at a time!

Not stopping there Cheri has outdone herself as an avid writer, she has written four children’s books. She so thrilled her first book will be in print early next year. And keeping with Cheri’s personal brand, this first book is about volunteering.  We are all super excited to buy a copy as Cheri is to share it with the World.

A love story for the ages, Cheri is married to her college sweetheart, now for 37 years, with two children of her own, both married and two precious grandchildren.   I think the title Cheri cherishes most though, is the title “Mimi”.  During her married life, Cheri and Husband have together been on their own tour, moving eight times. Getting involved with community

service in order to help others made those moves easier. This love of community service helped her to meet new people and create a legacy of volunteering for her family.

On a serious note Cheri accumulates well over 100 service hours on the year, every year.  We are proud for her most recent accomplishment is initiating a Resolution for the State of Tennessee with a state representative to have a Senior Service day each year in May to encourage Senior Citizens to volunteer.

Some things you would never guess, Cheri and her husband both were in a music video earlier this year, dancing to the #1 charting song 3 weeks in a row “You’ve Got Me Dancin” by Gary Alexander. Cheri loves her hula hoop it is a two pounder that she uses while listening to disco. Cheri modeled for a local boutique. Cheri has a huge project she makes bracelets to give to patients with ovarian cancer (which took her mom) to encourage them. This rogue girl once literally drove her new car right off the showroom floor. And fun, she loves chocolate covered Gummi Bears!

With all of the things Cheri has accomplished. Why Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant?

Cheri never dreamed about wearing a crown, until one day she judged a senior contest. The contestants made such an impact on her and that is how she found Worlds Miss Tourism.

“I loved how there were different age groups to have more of a sisterhood, mentor feeling and I liked how wholesome it is and especially how it promotes kindness and helping others”

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