Preparing for World Finals

Just a couple of things read all then check out the "It's The Power of The Stars"

01. ALL Tourism Girls whether you will be attending finals. Whether you are an Ambassador or whether you are undecided we need you to fill in the world form. Some have already filled this in and so many of you are NOT taking advantage of all of the free awards? What? These are free to you. Also if undecided we must know by April 1st. 2021 contact us. Our Crown is for others", like this chance meeting, a little girl has a new role model. You could be that for so many refer someone today!

02. 2019 Role Model to the younger girls. A very special

moment! You could be that special moment for someone too.

We are seeking Directors for next years State Pageants Please Contact us if interested in helping a group of girls become all they wish to be.

03. If you are attending World Finals you Might want to get noticed...

by participating in your year! 2021 is our year. The year your crown has a voice. The year your crown helps make someone else feel special. If you think this crown is about you...Read this poem!

Below click to find ALL TOURISM CHALLENGES . Our Tourism way of staying active safely and bringing smiles to others that everything is going to be alright!

It's the Power of the Stars!!!

Do you understand the power of the Stars you possess?

Do you wonder why it is able to do things with great success?

Do you know the gift you give to others?

It is not a matter of fame, modeling or self success.

Do you understand the power of your Stars?

The ability you now have to change a World?

A girl who understands the Stars, is not an ordinary being?

She who understands her stars possess the gift of foreseeing.

A girl who understands her stars knows she carries inside, abilities that cannot be described,

A girl who wears a crown can be anyone but, a girl who understands the power of the stars up on her crown cannot be kept a secret,

A girl who understands the power she has inside, will wear her stars with eagerness and pride,

She shows the world just how to be, as kind as all the world would see,

She keeps her heart upon her shirt, as she helps others and never complains, her work she knows is mighty, her efforts alas never to pass,

She dons the crown and stars at every chance, to show the world just how to dance,

The abilities you have are vast, when you understand at last, you can have a crown adorned with stars but, very few, are awarded the inner gift, to understand just why you have, such a glamorous head dress used to uplift,

So if you think the crown of stars is about you, you lost the fight and should try again, the gift is for others to see and to feel, for you have the gift and I hope you are for real, for understanding helping others is your deal, then understanding your crown of stars is our pact

For underneath the crown of stars stands the inspiration and voice Of the one who understands the power of her crown of stars!

So wear yours with pride at every chance not to hide And allow the world to see just what a girl can be, Underneath her crown of stars. You are the reason the stars upon your head sparkle to the moon and back.

Refer a friend and get a jump on the Queen of Queens crown at nationals

Click on the link and read

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