Share Your Title and a Smile, You are going on Tour!

Due February 6 and 7th, 2021 3PM

All photos appearances and challenge require BOTH Crown and Sash. We talk a lot about your crown being for others and that could not be more important than now. Sharing is something that takes patience and trust. Use your crown for good and share your title and smile.

Here is how pick one or more:

1. Share a Skill

2. Share a Story

3. Share a Home Cooked Meal

4. Share an outfit

5. Share a Walk

6. Share a board game with someone

7. Share a Song you sing "UPBEAT"

8. Share something you want to share

9. Share some creativity (home made craft)

10. Share a Neighborhood talent show with neighbor kids and seniors

*Share a laugh, joke and smile

Look your best after-all kids do think you are "Queen of the Whole Wide World"

Please submit on DATE DUE February 6 and 7, 2021 3pm

You can do one or all

Share your SMILE

  1. if you also do video please have at least 5 photos too.

  2. send in on the due dates

  3. Try and get out of your comfort zone

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