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Updated: Feb 23

Starting March 1, 2021 post a minimum of one photo a day!! You can take many pics in a day just post a minimum of 1 a day...List below

Its time for you to understand fame! Fame does not happen out of the Clear Blue SKY. If people can't see you, they can't get behind you. Fame happens when the World can get to know you, care about you, follow you. This title is one that can help catapult you. Okay, so what do you need to do. Simply said, get noticed!!! But, get noticed in a good way. Get in touch with your Alter Ego and that is... YOU are Worlds Miss "YOUR STATE" Tourism. You are already a celebrity, its built in. When Kayla Jo, Worlds Miss Tourism 2021 Kickin it in Style! Go outside and Play Share too.

you have a title the whole world understands like Worlds Miss Tourism its a pretty easy start. Below we will give you suggestions on photos and content, We are looking for Class, Poise, Charm and a feeling you are having fun. So, some might say you would not wear your crown and sash if you are just hanging out. If you are a Worlds Miss Tourism celebrity you capitalize on that title, you are proud to wear it all the time, to be seen in it. The Crown and Sash for this pageant is our calling card and helps push your celebrity. First thing you should NOW Learn is how to get your photos to us here at the World Office.

Riley, Worlds Jr. Miss Tourism 2021, OMGOSH Ya'll Look!

We are another avenue for you to boost your social status which can boost your celebrity status. We post on 4 of our Worlds Miss Tourism Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and many others. Create your pages and start building your PUBLIC PERSONALITY. Who do you want the World to see? You can be authentic and true to you or you can be two completely different people. If you choose the two completely different people you must remember your core values must remain the same. You cannot share positivity in your crown and personal page spewing negative. People will quickly call you out as fraud. A couple of topics that can cause terrible controversy Politics, Religion, Negative anything. So be careful what you do post. Fill up Instagram, Facebook ask for people to follow you, share each others page share the Worlds Miss Tourism Fan Page. Lets get into it

  1. In Sunglasses,

  2. In all BLACK,

  3. with bright PINK lipstick,

  4. With a pet, Winking,

  5. Funny Face,

  6. Singing into a Hair Brush,

  7. Eating,

  8. with friends,

  9. in all white, surprised,

  10. duck face,

  11. play an air instrument,

  12. wear a hat (hold your crown),

  13. Eyes,

  14. Laughing,

  15. in glasses (dollar tree),

  16. in all Pink,

  17. Smiling,

  18. cuddled up reading a book,

  19. your favorite mug,

  20. hand to face pose,

  21. if Long hair a pony tail on top of your head

  22. if short hair style different

  23. playing a game

  24. baking

  25. in front of fireplace all cozy

  26. typing on a computer

  27. holy cow look

  28. concerned look

  29. excited look

  30. pajamas under a blanket reading, chatting with someone either on phone or in home.

  31. your best Diva look

  32. eating your fave snack

  33. wearing pearls

  34. dance

  35. shoes

  36. boots

  37. plaid

  38. bubbles

  39. from high up

  40. reflection

  41. on phone with a cord

  42. lace

  43. drink with a straw

  44. welcome sign

  45. Look up

  46. Look Down

  47. something green

  48. smells bad

  49. statue

  50. something you made

  51. dressed like winter hat, gloves, mitts, boots

  52. frozen

  53. jump

  54. something BLUE

  55. strike a vogue pose

  56. Line dance

  57. care face

  58. 4 random silly faces...

  59. treasured item

  60. something red

  61. wear a knit hat (hold Crown)

  62. Suck in cheeks

  63. playing with hair

  64. Got Milk

  65. Cover Girl (magazine)

  66. Actress Face

  67. Favorite Movie Character

  68. Bake

  69. Point

  70. Hand out

  71. Cheesy Look

  72. Intl Look

  73. Bad attitude

  74. shshshsh

  75. Stop Sign

  76. Turtle Neck

  77. Legs crossed

  78. Sitting backward

  79. Upside down

  80. Art

  81. wildlife

  82. twirling

  83. Lovey Face

  84. Giant

  85. Old

  86. Mask

  87. Puzzle

  88. Tree

  89. What's in your Bag

  90. Migraine

  91. Breakfast at Tiffanys

  92. Mommy Dearest

  93. Transportation

  94. Simple

  95. Balance

  96. Garden

  97. Potato

  98. You as an executive

  99. Sweet

  100. Your Choice

  101. Harry Potter

  102. Moving

  103. Make-Up

  104. Cook

  105. Lend

  106. Share

  107. Breakfast

  108. Imagination

  109. Close up

  110. Join Tourism

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