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Every Year During the World Anti Bully Month and National Bully Month, the

Tourism Family, to include all Ambassadors and Photo Contest winners, participate in the T.H.I.N.K. Challenge.

It works like this: All Tourism Girls flood social media wearing their Anti Bully T-shirts and cover their mouths representing they will Think before they speak. With the #Tourismthinks #Tourismthinkchallenge #think #nobullys

Be aware cover mouth hard so it does not look like you have done the girl burp.

The acronym THINK

stands for Is it TRUE, Is it HELPFUL, Is it INSPIRING, Is it Necessary and Is it KIND!! All of should remember to stay in our own lanes, mind our business and not others, we should always be kind and we should be the leaders who puts a stop to speaking poorly of others. We should be the leaders who say "It is NOT ok to say bad things about others" We should be the leaders who say its ok not to mesh with others and even not to like someone but it is not ok to speak poorly of others. It says more about the one saying bad than the one being discussed. Together Tourism Flood Social Media do it with friends, do it alone just do it. Due October 21, 2023 7PM Please submit no earlier than the 21st.

Please send minimum of 3 photos at least one of you by yourself.

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