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The Miss Tourism Difference

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The Tourism Pageant Leadership Program. Bringing together Tourism Contestants, mentors, through challenges and education. Tourism Girls learn to be a public figure while mentoring each other with their knowledge. Our Royal Elite Queens have set the bar and are always available to assist.

The Miss Tourism Leadership Experience Tourism Girls prepare for fun, friendship, and new adventures while making the world a better place. The Miss Tourism mission is to prepare our delegates to take action to make our communities better to adopt a positive attitude to create change. To inspire, lead and influence others to help create those better communities, while making friends, challenging themselves with new experiences, while they write their own stories, and develop the skills and confidence to say, “I know I can do this!” " I am confident and capable!"

So how do we do it? It's all part of the Miss Tourism Leadership Experience, and it’s what makes the Miss Tourism Pageant a unique experience for each delegate.


Tourism Girls follow their own lead, no matter their age. From selecting the community service they’ll pursue to how they’ll organize an activity, Tourism Girls have the chance to follow their dreams and grow their skills—and the confidence that comes with that.

How to Inspire

Hands-on activities, challenges and appearances are fun for Tourism Girls of any age, but they also help them feel empowered to shape their own experience. Tourism Girls will unlock their “I got this” attitude as they discover they can always dust themselves off and try again when things don’t go according to plan.

There’s power in having a tight-knit group of friends who will learn with you, grow with you, and always cheer you on. Tourism Girls do just that, see firsthand that teamwork, respect, and collaboration that can fuel them through any challenge that comes their way. With 92% return rate the girls get to have a mini family reunion with their Tourism Sisters year after year.

With the help of supportive adult leaders who help bring these three unique qualities to life, girls try new things, share their full selves, and see how good it feels to lead from the heart.

Why it is important to have supportive adult leaders.

Helping and mentoring is key to the self esteem when building confidence. A person builds confidence by doing. Not all girls have that support system so we will put those adults in place who wish to volunteer to be that support system . Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner cheering and mentoring her to success. Maybe you!


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