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This is Miss Tourism

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Miss Tourism Pageants is a Leadership Program helping all of our exceptional queens exercise the power of their voice through challenges created by the Miss Tourism Pageants. Miss Tourism Pageants are designed to encourage our Queens to Inspire, Influence and Lead by example , to reach for their hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations, while helping to build self -esteem through achieving goals. Each Tourism Queen is unique. We focus on action, promoting a platform of community service, which includes our "Stand Up Against Bullying" platform.

A little about Miss Tourism Pageants:
Since 1998 Miss Tourism Pageants has paved the way for girls all over the world, to be the leaders, influencers and inspirations. Each finding their unique gifts to share. The Miss Tourism Pageant is a leadership program focusing on community service.

I get asked by contestants, What are you looking for in a winner? There was a time I would have had a long drawn out answer, but now, I know the answer is much more simple, we look for someone who will do the job. Will she be visible, stay visible in challenges and appearances.

Its more than perfectly applied cosmetics and fancy clothes. . At Tourism, a persons shape and size is not as important to us as her willingness to work hard, her likability but, ultimately will she get the job done?

How will the judges know? And that is the question of the day. We instruct our judges to concentrate on the Interview, is the perfectly tailored beautiful young women who sits before them well educated on the Miss Tourism Mission, is she in line with the Miss Tourism vision and is she a champion of Miss Tourism, does she promote the Miss Tourism Pageant Sponsors on social media. Does she Learn More in your 2023 Guide Book

Miss Tourism Pageants bring dreams to life by working together to build a better world. Through programs from coast to coast, Miss Tourism Queens of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges—Miss Tourism Queens lead the way as they find their voices and make changes that affect the issues most important to them.

Miss Tourism Pageants has always been a pageant for all girls. Our vision is an all-inclusive, kind, safe environment for our queens to grow through support from one and other and Tourism Pageant Leaders, directors and Volunteer Leaders. Miss Tourism Pageants is one of the least expensive events of its kind, allowing girls of all economic backgrounds participate. Girls of all sizes shapes, backgrounds and geography can thrive in the Miss Tourism Pageants. It's not just about winning, it is about the journey!

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