All of our challenges can be found on our NEWS page of our website!. Yes it is important to check the Facebook Social Media. Yes you should tell others when they do something well in writing and not JUST a LIKE!! If you have not noticed lately a LIKE means nothing anymore. INSTAGRAM pics are chosen. YOU can add your videos to the Tourism YOU-TUBE CHANNEL by asking how or send us the downloadable video if we cannot download it we cannot add it. The more visible you are the better. It is your year make the most of it GET OUT and VOLUNTEER no volunteer opportunity create one ask if you need help. Be the hometown celebrity you want to be. That is not going to happen if you are not consistently OUT in PUBLIC. You are a PUBLIC FIGURE. Photo shoots and cute photos are nice but you wont grow without volunteering and being around people, using your title. After-All we are looking for our NEXT Worlds Miss Tourism National Delegates. If you are not visible now how would we expect you would be visible as a World Title Holder. Lets get Visible....Refer someone who needs a little Tourism in their life. YES we do accept boys for Ambassadors. Lets get out this weekend and be visible Challenge coming Tonight LATE for this weekend.

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