We are going on Tour!!

We have been inside too long so we are going on Tour!! Grab both your crown and sash.

Get out and take a photo of you at the most interesting statue of an animal or shape or anything significant city attraction, other than a person. Close Ups are good. You should always put your new TOUR in a NEW album (do not add it to any other album) on facebook make it public then share the album to our new Page

Dress in something STYLISH and make sure you look Like a star! Do some with sunglasses some without. Always smiling having fun.

3 to 6 photos due July 19th, 2020 3pm

if doing Video Please have those in by 6pm same day Dress like you are the star in the video as a reporter or as a Show host about Tourism explaining what the statue or monument is you found. Videos actually help you in more ways than you will know.

If you have done one in the past we expect you to get out and do a whole new one! Do not submit old photos you have submitted before.

Be sure to know your style you building your brand and your reputation. Be known for doing more and being the best at it. Virtual Queens should look like a World Queen reigning over the Whole wide world! Show us what you got!

Must be in both Crown and sash always!! (no need to tell us if you don't have your crown and sash yet, we know who is waiting)

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