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World Kindness Day: DUE 11.11.23

There are so many Special days in November to celebrate but as much as we would love to highlight all we have to choose those that are aligned with us and

World Kindness Day Does just that.

This challenge is DUE on November 11, 2023 by 5PM.

How to represent WKD:

This is the day that is not about you. This is a day when we do for others.

You can choose to do whatever kind act you like. But you need to do it in your crown and sash and share photos and or video. You can NOW post your own photos to the Group.

  • Read to someone as a queen, little girls will love this.

  • Take dinner to a neighbor who lives alone

  • Find out to make your city a World Kindness City and then share the info and do it.

  • Make a blessing box, book box in your neighborhood

  • Donate to an animal shelter

  • Collect for Toys for tots NOW

  • Clean a park

  • Donate clothes

  • Bake cookies with friends to donate

  • Help at an animal shelter

  • Offer to help at a nursing home

  • Donate ballet or tap clothes, shoes to a struggling mom

  • Share your time with an elderly person learn something

  • Invite someone to join you in a club, event or class

  • Invite someone to church

  • Make a care package (if you can be a blessing great)

  • Color a picture for someone ( I know some queens that were in tears when they received drawings of themselves from others randomly)

  • Decorate Paint Rocks with encouraging words, positive, you can do it and place in random spots where people will find them

  • Ask someone to take a walk with you

  • Go to a local nursing home and play a game with someone

  • Adopt a grandparent

  • Surprise them with an unexpected visit or phone call.

  • Express your empathy. Often the greatest gift we can someone else is the gift of empathy.

  • Give someone an unexpected handwritten card or letter.

  • Babysit for free. To new parents especially, this can mean the world.

  • Make them a meal. When my partner had surgery and I felt stretched very thin, the frozen meals that our loved ones had brought over made such a difference.

  • Go visit your parents. Tell them how much you appreciate them (or at least one thing about them you appreciate).

  • Treat someone to their favorite coffee.

  • Make someone a cup of tea

  • Listen to someone carefully without interrupting, without listening to respond just listen. Sometimes people just need to be heard with help.

  • Do a kindness for our Civil servants, EMTs, Fire dept. Police, nurses, Doctors, school crossing guards etc.

  • Do a household chore for an elderly neighbor

  • Invite someone to be included in your group to go shopping, out to eat, or to play

  • Tell someone about the best part of the day you just spent with them.

  • Let them sleep.

  • Offer them a drink of water.

  • Wear or use a gift someone gave you in their presence.

  • Use a kind voice even if you have to fake it. It doesn't make YOU fake it makes you KIND! CIVIL!

  • Listen for the feelings behind the words.

  • Write positive messages of encouragement and put them in their lunches, windshield, lockers, doors.

  • Choose a book they might like and invite friends to start a book club.

  • Take the garbage out for a neighbor.

  • Make someone else’s bed.

  • Share herbs from your garden.

  • Share a good recipe.


The World Kindness Movement (WKM) is an international NGO with no political or religious affiliations. The formation of the movement crystallized at a conference in Tokyo in 1997 when Japan brought together like-minded kindness organizations from around the world. The WKM was later launched in Singapore on 18 November 2000 at the 3rd WKM Conference and in 2019 it was registered as an NGO under the Swiss law.

Sept. 20, 1997: Declaration to establish The World Kindness Movement

Nov. 13 1998: Launch of the World Kindness Day

  • 2008 Italia, Parma Chaired 2nd International Council Meeting

  • 2010 Australia Sydney Hosted 6th General Assembly

  • 2012 UK London 8th General Assembly Torch passes from Singapore to Australia

  • 2013 China Hong Kong Chaired 3rd International Council Meeting

  • 2013 China Hong Kong Launch World Kindness China

  • 2014 Australia Sydney Hosted & Chaired 8th General Assembly

  • 2015 France Paris Launch of World Kindness France

  • 2015 France Avignon Chaired 8th International Council Meeting

  • 2016 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Hosted & Chaired 20th International Council Meeting

  • 2017 Korea Seoul 9th General Assembly 20th Anniversary

  • 2017 Australia Gold Coast Present City with Official Listing as a World Kindness City

  • 2018: Launch of World Kindness USA

  • 2019 WKM is registered under the Swiss law and becomes a legal entity

  • 2019 Switzerland Lugano 10th General Assembly

  • 2019 USA City of Salisbury, MD Present City with Official Listing as a World Kindness City

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