Worlds Jr. Miss Tourism 2021, Riley

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

If there is one something or someone that can get us through this year, it is the bright smile and wildly ambitious antics of little 7 year old Riley. Riley Hails from the great state of Kentucky. She has reigned as Worlds Jr. Miss Kentucky Tourism 2020 and NOW watch her shine in her new role because, in July she was Crowned as a World title holder and now REIGNS as Worlds Jr. Miss Tourism 2021.

With an ever expanding resume, Riley is sure to have a starring role in whatever she does. But, for now her love for animals is infectious and one day we will call her Doctor Riley, she plans to be veterinarian one day.

Away from the bright lights, Riley is a true southern girl and you may find her out hunting or fishing. When we say hunting... we mean for her next pet and when we say fishing we mean, well, fishing.

This young and we're sure to be, New Viral Make-Up tutorial star discovered her love for make-up tips and tricks already. We can't wait to see her new TV show "Make-It-Up with Riley"...Well, someday. For now, here is some advise from a very grown up little Riley "If you

have to have an outfit altered to fit, make sure it can be undone so it can grow with you.  Always make sure you wear the dress, not the dress wearing you!  Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear.  If you are not, then it will show in your expressions". "always keep a stash of safety pins and bobby pins, you never know what you can fix with them". "Always let your own beauty shine through. Do not cover it all up with excessive makeup".

This active little lady is an artist and loves to paint like Bob Ross. On rainy days you might find her painting a gorgeous portrait. On those sunny days Riley loves to be outside in the beautiful Sunshine. Or, you may find her at the beach which she also loves. This Royal loves the color turquoise and her all time fave food is sloppy joes. "mm" "mm"

Riley is so proud of her parents, who are both serving their community... Dad in Law Enforcement and Mom a healthcare worker. Protecting and serving their community, this may be where Riley gets her very kind and loving heart for others.

Riley entered the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant because she saw how the girls were like family and she wanted to part of that family. Since she has won her title, she loves doing the challenges and sharing with everyone. She is so excited about the upcoming year and grabbing her crown and sash and showing you what it really means to Go On Tour! She loves wearing her Tourism Crown of Stars. Riley, is Worlds Miss Tourism Social butterfly, she will talk to everyone she meets. Keep an eye on this little queen one day she may rule the world!

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