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Sharing your heart of Hope for others!

Who can Apply. Girls Ages:

Tiny Miss 3-4 

Little Miss 5-6

Jr. Miss 7-9

Pre-Teen 10-12

Jr. Teen  13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49 

Ms. 21-49

Classic Ms. 50 and Up

Who can Apply. Boys Ages:

Jr. Mister 5-9

Pre-Teen Mr.  10-12

Jr. Teen Mr.  13-15

Teen Mr.  16-18

Mr. 19-26

Today!!! Make the decision to become the  Queen of Hope, King of Hope, Worlds, International, Globe and Hemisphere.​​

You are the Hope this world needs NOW! You are an Inspiration! You are the most Positive, Hopeful, Joyful, beautiful, Inspirational Queens and Kings of all in the land!!! These gorgeous and handsome,  Queens, Kings, Princesses and Prince's represent the WORLD by Inspiring others to action, through Hope, they can do it. 

Learn to be magic to others. Learn to be extra kind. Learn that just because someone does not look like you does not mean that they do not have value. You can teach these values through you reign.


A queen should be regal and for all the people, not just those who are exactly like her. Princess Diana sure taught this concept to the world, and it changed a world. One person did that! One person showed the world you can hug and show affection to those with aides, or leprosy. Yes, one person did change the world. One person was tolerant. One person was kind. One person opened her heart and her mind and YES, Princess Diana did change the world. You will show us that you have that kindness, tolerance and gift she gave to the entire world.

Queens, Kings, Princesses and Prince's all over the World represent their communities by doing Community Outreach, by sharing their story that they may inspire someone that there is hope for a different life, different outcome and different view and that Queens and Kings of Hope may help in a significant way. Queens and Kings of Hope Inspires a World through kindness, through outreach and through their inner light. But also through experiences, both challenging and enlightening.  Queens and Kings of Hope, is a significant leader who understand they can influence their peers and many others through their significant works.  We chose this crown extremely purposeful. We want you to shine like with heart always and we feel this represents the hearts of YOU and those you will touch.  You will be the beacon of hope with this useful significant title!

All Welcome to apply for: Queens and Kings of Hope.  We do not require any particular look, size, weight, height, background. We do however, require a heart of service to others. All may apply we will choose our Queens and Kings of Hope based on one interview Question from the entry form for this most significant role. 

Application accepted NOW through February 4th. We will make decisions as applications come. So do not delay of you would like to represent as a Queen or King of hearts.


Title fee is $325.99 Pay in full discount Jr. Teen and UP (may make payment arrangement of 2 payments of $200.50) Shipping outside the USA you pay shipping.

Title fee is $225.99 Pay in full discount 0-12 yrs (may make payment arrangement of 2 payments of $150.99) Shipping outside the USA you pay shipping. A contestant may choose to pay the higher price for the larger crown.

Add Sceptor $50.00

The crown and sash order will not arrive until end of April. Please keep this in mind when entering, we will do all we can to expedite but know it may be April. Sashes will be 23/24 


Jr. Teen and Up 7" 


Baby to Pre-Teen 3"

Worlds Queen of Hope

International Queen of Hope 
Queen of Hope Global
Queen of Hope Hemisphere

Sashes Embroidered Cinderella Blue, Black Center with Black Embroidery

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