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Age Categories:

Girls/Ladies Ages:

Jr. Miss 3-4

Jr. Pre-Teen  5-8

Pre-Teen 9-12

Jr. Teen  13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49 

Ms. 21-49

Elegant Ms. 50 and Up

Universe, World, and National Crown



Step into the world of Radiant Miss Universe, where beauty shines brightest when accompanied by kindness, compassion, and a dedication to making a positive impact on the world. More than just a pageant, Radiant Miss Universe is a celebration of inner radiance, where contestants illuminate the world with their grace, poise, and commitment to serving others.

At Radiant Miss Universe, beauty is redefined as a force for good, and contestants are encouraged to use seek out places, projects and opportunities, using their platform to inspire positive change in their communities and beyond. Through a series of community service projects and initiatives, these radiant contestants demonstrate their unwavering dedication to making the world a better place.

From volunteering at local charities to raising awareness for important social causes, Radiant Miss Universe contestants embody the true spirit of philanthropy and service. Each contestant radiates with a unique passion for helping others, showcasing their compassion and empathy as they work tirelessly to uplift those in need.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage, Radiant Miss Universe contestants are true ambassadors of goodwill, spreading kindness and inspiration wherever they go. Their acts of service not only make a tangible difference in the lives of others but also serve as a beacon of hope and positivity in a world that often feels dark and uncertain.

Join us as we crown the next Radiant Miss Universe Ambassadors, maybe YOU, a shining example of beauty, grace, and kindness. Together, let us celebrate the extraordinary individuals who inspire us all to be better, to do better, and to spread goodness wherever we go.

How does it work?


Scroll to top of page  across from where the Radiant Miss Universe title is, click the link that says Ambassadors Apply Here. Fill in the application. Those selected will receive an invoice to pay the title fee. The Invoice is due within 24 hrs of receiving.

The crown we chose for our Radiant Miss Universe Ambassadors is pictured above. Sash is white with Purple Letters and Purple Border. 

Angels of the World Entry Fees Below:

Entry fee is $295.99 (if Pay in Full Discount)

Two payments may be made $163.00 one due upon acceptance and one 30 days later) 


Add stones to sash Option $130.00

Red Robe Option $100.00

Name on Back of Sash $40.00

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