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Ambassador of the World

ANY Person holding an Ambassador title from 2020 to now is allowed and welcomed to compete in this virtual event. 

All delegates will email an MP3 or MP4 to ...  a separate video for each event you are doing. The videos will be uploaded to our website for judging. Follow instructions. Make sure your video is downloadable.

Please understand entry fee is $195.99 due upon receipt of invoice, for main event which includes Evening Gown, Photogenic in crown and sash, Interview (you will be given questions to answer), and lastly appearance event ( you will discuss your platform withing 45 seconds dressed as if it is an appearance. Invoice will be sent once registration form is received. These events choose our Ambassador of the World Age Division Winners. Fees are due upon your receiving invoice. Please do not fill in form until ready to submit fee. All entries must be in by October 15, 2022 in order to compete for the Worlds Miss Ambassador titles.

Please also, understand Optional events for Ambassador of the World Grand Supremes entry fee is $295.99 due upon receipt of your invoice, you may do all but are only required to do 4. Should you choose to do all optionals we will take your 4 highest scores to tabulate for Grand Supreme. Meaning your two lowest scores will drop off. Invoice will be sent once registration form is received. These events choose our Ambassador of the World Grand Supremes 3 Jr.-Teen and Senior and one Ultimate Grand Supreme Age Division Winners.

Volunteer or Direct a State Pageant

Ever want to forget everybody else’s expectations and just…be you? When you volunteer or become a director with Miss Tourism Pageants , you’ll be creating a community where being your goofiest, most authentic self is the absolute best thing you can be. You’ll be showing the next generation that what makes them unique also makes them powerful, and that everyone has a lot more fun when no one has to worry about being themselves.

This sense of belonging and community of forever friends gives Miss Tourism Contestants the courage to try new things, test their limits, and work toward goals. It’s what drives them to explore their communities, help others, and solve problems. It’s what helps them speak up for what’s right and feel proud of who they are. When they’re having fun, there’s no limit to what a Tourism Girl can do.

You don’t have to have a competitor of your own to get involved, you simply have to care. Contact us today and find out how you can be a part of something great!!


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