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Invest in Tourism Girls

Support Tourism Girls—champion the next generation’s dreams.

Before she can launch a company or launch into space, she’ll need to believe she can do it.

Join us to lift up the next generation of women and help them find their own pathways to success. Then, watch girls learn, grow, discover—and soar to new heights—with the pride of knowing you helped make it possible. By participating in a program like this the girls learn through doing. Doing appearances, challenges and speaking in public. Please click on the Donate button and email us to let us how much you would like to donate or if you are donating a prize.

                       Support Tourism Girls                                Support your local Tourism Council 




Miss Tourism Events raises funds for scholarships, both individual and corporate, research, program, save the environment through sustainable programs, recycling, clean earth projects,  and technology innovation, benefitting Tourism Girls nationally.

Our network of Tourism Girls Councils deliver the Tourism Girls Leadership Experience to girls in their local communities.

Join a distinguished list of partners that invest in the future.

Individual Giving

Your donation funds unique girl-led programs that give girls a space to work on critical leadership skills.

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