Become a Miss Tourism Sponsor

Miss Tourism Pageants is dedicated to  investing in our titleholders  by helping them figure out who they are and what they are passionate about  Inspire, Lead and Influence is what Miss Tourism Pageants strive to instill in our Queens,  With your sponsorship you are helping girls all around the country gain confidence and life skills which are sure to advance them into great careers that will change the world. With your sponsorship you'll not only be supporting the mission of Miss Tourism Pageants you will also get the added bonus of your business being advertised on a national level. 


Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the United States!  Sponsorship provides a means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige, and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. It is a great way of increasing brand awareness, which helps to generate consumer preference, foster brand loyalty, create positive PR, and raise awareness of your organization as a whole.​

In order to MAXIMIZE your sponsorship, disburse your contribution to include offering goods or services to Winners (required), runner-ups, and offer special discounts, samples, or small gifts to all contestants and judges. The more consumers who use your business's products or services, the more loyal customers you will obtain!

  • 2.5 million women compete in a beauty pageant each year in America.

  • Business sponsors reap favorable publicity (leading to increased product visibility and market share) generated from their association with the pageant.

  • State titleholders serve as your advertising ambassadors.

  • Generous marketing packages in exchange.

  • Target audience- pageant contestants are the consumers that utilize your business's goods and services.

  • Pageantry continues to grow in popularity in pop culture.