Becoming a Tourism Sponsor is easier than ever before. A Tourism Girl works so hard towards her goals and by you sponsoring her she knows others see her worth.  If you have a business, Service, Product or Information you can gift as a prize to the Winners of the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant you will be able to gift it as an advertising deduction and may do it as a gift to the Tourism Pageant Production Foundation our NEW 501c3.

Choosing to allow the Tourism Girls to not only accept your sponsor gift, but they also help to promote to others. Tourism Girls understand being a Brand Ambassador means they promote and share on all of their social media pages, newspaper, tv news interviews, radio shows, magazine articles, pod casts and more. So by sponsoring any gift, service, product or information you can be assured, not only can you use your gift as a tax deduction, but, you will be assured the Tourism Girls will promote your gift and business like a true influencer!