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Worlds/All-American Miss Tourism Pageant Rules

1. All decisions are final.

2. Delegate or delegate’s parents (if child is under 18 years of age) affirm that she is and will continue to be a person of integrity and good character.

3. Delegate or delegate’s accompaniments, supporters, guests, or visitors, will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner always during the state and international pageants. Bad sportsmanship is NOT tolerated and will be grounds for removal of the contestant from the pageant without a refund.

4. Delegates or parents may not approach the Judges at any time before, during or after the pageant.

5. Delegates agrees to provide an original copy of her birth certificate or marriage certificate to verify age or marital status upon request. Bring a copy with you.

6. Delegate agrees not to slander Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant, its director, peers, judges, volunteers, or anyone else affiliated with the pageant before, during or after the event. 

7. National winners may not compete in the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant the same year they give up a World or All-American Title.

8. Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant reserves the right to change the dates and venue of the national pageant if deemed necessary.

9. Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant has the right to refuse anyone entry into the international/World/National, State pageant.

10. There will be NO refunds. There are no refunds under any circumstances, up to and including death. 

11. Only 1 chaperone will be allowed in the dressing room and NO men are allowed.

12. Outside food is not permitted in the ballroom, however; there may be a concession stand open.

       12-A. Please pick up after yourself and throw your trash in the garbage bins.

       12-B. The host hotel will charge for excessively dirty rooms be sure to bring make-up wipes and keep                    your rooms as clean as possible.

13. Everyone must have a door badge/ticket to enter.

14. Be on time for all events. If you are late for an event, the contestant will receive a .5-point deduction from that event.

15. Creating, spreading drama or tattling during the pageant is prohibited by everyone. Although, we would like to fix everything we are running an event and we expect all Worlds/All American Miss Tourism Contestants, accompaniments, supporters, guests, or visitors to be kind and handle their issues with others like mature adults. Creating, or bringing negative to this event, taking away the excitement of a win to another is selfish and uncalled for. 

16. No Smoking on site.

17. No photography is allowed in the ballroom. Do not have electronic devices out in the open.  There will be an official photographer and possibly a videographer on site unless otherwise announced.

18. Winners for their divisions are expected to stay for photos. Times to return to ballroom will be announced.

19. Throughout the year, winners will be required to make appearances, do photo challenges and post to social media

20. All queens will make a minimum of two appearances a month. Queens and parents are responsible for transportation.

21. Queens are required to attend nationals the following year to crown their successor.

22. If there was a scholarship,  Scholarships will be awarded at the conclusion of the queen’s reign if all areas of the contract are met. Not signing the Queens Contract does not relinquish you of the Worlds/All-American Miss Tourism Pageant Rules. 

23. Reigning Queens are free to go once crowning is over. 

24. Reigning queens, World, All-American, regionals and state title holders who do not have a 2024 title may sign up directly following the pageant. Link will be here soon...

24. Winning queens in age divisions/groups and Individual Photos. Allowed in ballroom the winning queen and one Parent or Guardian. Parent or Guardian will be seated away from photo area so photographer can get finished. Constant opening and closing of ballroom doors interrupts the session. Please make sure once in stay put and ask family members to stay away until complete. 

  1. Worlds Miss Tourism (Jr. Miss, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen,  Teen, Miss, Mrs., Ms. and Classic Ms.)  

  2. Grand Supreme (Jr, Teen, Miss, and Ultimate), 

  3. All-American Miss Tourism (Jr. Miss, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen,  Teen, Miss, Mrs., Ms. and Classic Ms.) 

  4. Non-Competition Optional Winners (Jr, Teen, Miss, and Ultimate), Queen of Queens,  Cover-Girl, Peoples Choice, and  Role Model.

25. Lastly Pageant weekend is exhausting for staff so, please be considerate and do not try to ask questions after crowning. We still have tear down and photos. Allow a minimum of 14 days following the event before contacting to ask anything. It takes about that long to feel normal again. 

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