World's Miss Tourism Pageant

Will be held July 24, 25, 26, 2020 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Will be held @ The Ramsey Hotel and Convention Center

Information Packets Available December 1, 2019

World's Miss Tourism Pageant

What other titles could I win? 

Included in your Nationals Registration fee is:

Tourism T-shirt

Tourism Souvenir Program Book

and she will vie for these titles:

Miss Congeniality

Miss Photogenic

Academic Award

Appearance Award

Worlds Miss Tourism

International Miss Tourism

Miss Tourism Role Model

Peoples Choice Winner

Queen of Queens Award (referral must compete at nationals to count)

Program Ad Award

And if you do Optionals:

Grand Supreme in your age groups

Ultimate Grand Supreme 

Individual optional event winners

Awarding the most for the least amount of money!

Hair and Make-up Rules

Ages 4-12

Little Blush

Little light clear gloss

Little mascara

No hairpieces wigs, flippers, etc.

Ages 13 and up anything goes.

Please message our photographer direct. You must pre-pay for Photos...  No camera's  Phone etc or any devise that captures images of our event Strictly prohibited.  No one is allowed to take pictures in the ballroom at any time.

Welcome Aboard Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant;

Make sure YOU can attend before signing up. This pageant is held July 24-25-26, 2020 Orientation is at 10:30 AM Friday the 24th we will go until Crowning Sunday which typically ends around 4 PM. 

Competition Main Event: Each 25% of the total score

Evening Gown (All age groups LONG to the floor)

State Costume (represents an unknown something from your state)

Private Interview (Round Robin)

Photogenic in Crown and sash (bring this with you to registration)

No One is to capture any images electronic or otherwise in the ballroom.

An easy 20 PTS added should YOU:

Earn 1 additional Point: Get up to 5 additional Points for referring, someone who attends Finals

Earn an additional 10 pts; 5 points for completing challenges and 5 points for an appearance where you were asked to help at an event.

Earn 5 additional points for A TV new Interview Local TV, Local Newspaper, Or Magazine article 1 pt per up to 5.

What is due:

1. Title fee to receive your crown and sash. If you already know you cannot attend nationals or just want to participate in appearances and challenges, represent your state, peers, and our pageant brand, or save by not having hotel fees, travel, meal fees or wardrobe prices then Ambassador State title would be for you, the Ambassador fee is $175.99.

If you want the pomp and circumstance of a national pageant, making new friends, and sharing your year, and a chance to win some great prizes then you should do a State title attending Nationals normal fee is $175.99 but, ask if there is a special. This fee is due 1) before anyone else who signs up and is accepted for the title you want 2) no new entries accepted after June 1, 2020.


2. The registration fee to attend Nationals $295.00. NO ONE is exempt if you are attending nationals this must be paid on or before April 1, 2020


3. Optionals, All are $295 each is $75.00 and Ad Sales Due on or before June 1, 2020 


4. Program Book Photo due by April 1, 2020

5. Photographer paid in full by May 1, 2020 Email Photographer in advance

of the pageant.

Kimberlys website...


6. Music for Talent must be submitted by June 1, 2020​​


7. Book your Hotel by June 1st, 2020

Cameo Photos: 

Photos to be done after crowning for all those winning a 2021 title.

Worlds Miss Tourism, International Miss Tourism, Worlds Miss Tourism Role Models, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, and individual Talent winners should have your Cameo's done Sunday after the event. These photos are used in advertising, press releases, press kits, and other Marketing and Advertising. Should you miss this we will NOT guarantee using any of your likenesses through-out the year. 

Those who won Worlds Miss Tourism 2021 titles please bring Red/burgundy sweater, Red Gown, White Gown, Long White Slacks, Long Jeans, 

All-Winners of THE Worlds Miss Tourism 2021 titles, Grand Supremes, in her age category is required to stay for your Cameo Shots. These are the photos used in advertising, press releases, press kits, and other Marketing and Advertising.


Age Groups:

4-6 Little Miss Tourism

7-9 Jr. Miss Tourism

10-12 Pre-Teen Miss Tourism

13-15 Jr. Teen Miss Tourism

16-18 Teen Miss Tourism

19-25 Miss Tourism

We also have:

18-25 Miss Beauty  Plus Size

21-49 Mrs. Tourism

21-49 Ms. Tourism

50 and Up Classic Ms. Tourism

General Information: Each Main competition event is 25% of your score.

4 Rounds of Competition include:

Evening Gown Long to the floor ALL GROUPS

State Costume (something unknown about your state)

Photogenic in your crown and sash


We do offer Optional Competitions for our Ultimate Grand Supreme and Grand Supreme winners.