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A Main Event Competition
The Miss Tourism Evening Gown Competition

25% of your total score 
The Evening Gown Competition helps us choose who will reign as Miss Tourism in her age category.

All of our contestants will compete in the Evening Gown competition. Each age group will choose a floor length gown of their choice. Each contestant will take her moment in the spotlight showcasing all the glamour and elegance with poise, personality, and confidence sprinkled in. The stage is yours there is no particular walking pattern. But there is a diagram in your Miss Tourism Guide Book if you are more comfortable with a set pattern. More Detailed Information can be found in your Miss Tourism Guide Book.

Please make sure you choose a gown that makes you feel beautiful and confident.  It should show your personal style. This event filled with style, elegance and grace should be reflected in your choices. From Hair to Make-Up, to accessories and shoes. Make wise choices. Each Beautiful contestant gets one minute on stage walk slowly, pause for dramatic affect and wow us with your poise. 

Ages 5-12 No flippers, no wigs or falls. Clear Lip gloss, a tiny mascara and a little blush.
Ages 13 and Up anything goes

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