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  • How do I ENTER Miss Tourism Pageant ?
    It all starts by submitting an entry form here: Once you Submit your entry form, the Miss Tourism Organization reviews the form, your answers, your photo and your social media. We want to be sure that you and Miss Tourism Pageants fit together well. We look for kindness and if a contestant is ready for the Live Pageant. If accepted you will receive an invoice. All invoices must be paid within 24 hrs of submission. Once appointed title fee is paid in full we place your order for your crown and sash. In general the Miss Tourism Crown and sash arrive to us within 3-4 weeks and we box together and ship to you. We contact you upon shipping. Please do not schedule anything until your crown and sash has arrived. While you await your Miss Tourism Crown of Stars and gorgeous custom embroidered sash, please review the Miss Tourism website read each page and know what to expect at finals. We are not like every other pageant so assuming an event is just like another could affect your score at finals. But, this pageant is not just about the actual competition. It is about your JOURNEY to the pageant. What legacy will you have created in your title? Check out what some of our current queens are doing: We hope you choose this journey for your years pageant experience it is truly a positive and inspiring experience. We do not judge based on weight, size, shape, height, color, or economic status. We are looking for Queens who will get the job done. ALL YEAR LONG!
  • Is the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization a “natural” or “glitz” pageant?
    Miss Tourism Pageant Organization is Natural from ages 5-12 and we allow more individuality from age 13 and up! Far from being about Natural or Glitz we are about communication, representation and your ability to reign during your year. Our selection process is based on four essential areas of competition. A significant 25% of the score is attributed to communication skills and personality demonstrated during the Interview segment. Another 25% is dedicated to poise and presentation in the Formal Wear Modeling Competition. Additionally, 25 % focuses on your ability to wow the media in the photogenic portion, while the remaining 25% acknowledges knowledge about your community in the Costume and/or Patriotic portion during the pageant weekend. Miss Tourism Pageant Organization, despite their glamorous nature, are far from conventional "beauty" pageants. As illustrated above, our scoring system solely evaluates personality, confidence, and communication skills. We strive to recognize and encourage excellent communication and presentation abilities. We embrace the uniqueness of each individual, whether it involves braces, glasses, skin issues, varying heights, weights, or appearances. We wholeheartedly celebrate the exceptional and distinctive qualities that make you who you are!
  • How much does it cost to enter ?
    As an Appointed State Represented the Cost to obtain your Gorgeous Miss Tourism Crown of Stars and Custom Made Embroidered Sash is $195.99 This is due in full before we order anything for you. A Live State Pageant May cost more than Appointed simply because there are costs involved such as event location fee (ballrooms) additional prizes, DJ's and more. However NO STATE PAGEANT is to be more than $300 to register to compete. Winning an Age Category in Live State Pageant event: Your state director will pay a portion of your National Registration Fee: Winning a Runner Up Placement in a Live State Pageant: Your state director will pay a portion of your nationals registration fee as a Runner Up to compete for the All-American Miss Tourism Pageant title at National finals. How much will depend on where you placed. Winning Ultimate Grand Supreme in a Live State Pageant: Your state director will pay a portion of your Grand Supreme Entry at National Finals. Winning Ultimate Queen of Queens in a Live State Pageant: Your state director will pay a portion of your Registration fee to compete at the National Finals for All-American Miss Tourism. Discounts may not be combined use the highest discount Registration to compete in the Miss Tourism Pageant in July is $545.99 Everything listed here would be optional and not required. However it does help for a contestant to up her odds of walking away with a winning World Title by doing these: See details on website. Grand Supreme Optionals are $275.99 NOT REQUIRED. Cover-Girl (sell the most ads in your age category Ad prices listed in guide book Queen of Queen you could emerge your age group Queen of Queens if you refer the most new contestants who compete at nationals. People's Choice you could emerge your age group People's Choice, if you receive the most votes online for age group . Role-Model submit a scrapbook of your journey with your state title $entry fee $150.00 Mother Daughter Pageant - Duo competition can be Grandmother and granddaughter one duo winner $150.00 We reserve the right to offer special awards at the Live pageant not listed here at no charge to you.
  • Is it required for me to stay at the pageant host hotel? I live near the Hotel do I have to stay?
    All state finalists participating in the Worlds Miss Tourism or All-American Miss Tourism Pageant must stay at the designated pageant host hotel. If I live close to the Hotel do I have to stay at the Host Hotel and the answer is YES! and Either a parent or guardian must be a guest at the host hotel or your name must be on the reservation. We do check. Failure to follow this policy will get you disqualified without benefit of refund. The Miss Tourism Pageant Organization ensures a special discounted block of rooms for the State Finalists and their families. Staying at the host hotel allows you to be conveniently located in the midst of the excitement, eliminating the need for travel to and from the event. This saves you time and energy, considering the fast-paced nature of the pageant. By staying at the host hotel, you can maximize your enjoyment, make new friends, and fully immerse yourself in the experience, rather than spending time commuting. It is not ok to sleep in a car, or camper on the host hotel parking lot and will disqualify you.
  • Is it mandatory for me to raise my sponsor fee, or can we simply pay it ourselves?
    The choice is entirely yours. You have the option to either raise your sponsor fee through various means or directly pay it yourself, depending on what is most suitable for you and your family. It's important to note that the total sponsor fee amounts to $545.99, and any additional contributions beyond this amount can be allocated towards covering any pageant-related expenses.
  • What is an Appointed State Title Queen ?
    An appointed state title queen refers to an individual who does not have an official state pageant / Official State Director and has been chosen and designated to represent a specific state or region. This is accomplished through her entry form in a pageant or organization. At the Miss Tourism Pageants our judges never know who has an appointed title or won a state pageant. All Tourism Crowns and Sashes are the same. This appointment typically involves selecting a candidate who possesses the desired qualities, characteristics, and potential to serve as a representative for the designated area. The appointed state title queen is expected to fulfill certain responsibilities, participate in pageant events, and act as an ambassador for the organization. Appointed for Miss Tourism Pageant Organization does not mean just anyone. We look for those who have potential and those we feel will represent herself and the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization with kindness, grace and to the fullest. All girls are welcome to apply, we do not discriminate because of height, weight, skin color or economic status.
  • If I enter can I still compete in other pageants ?
    As an appointed title holder with a State Title or equivalent of a pre-nationals title we do not have a clause preventing a contestant form competing in other pageant. However if you win a Worlds Miss Tourism Age Group Title you will have a contract. It is up to your Official State Director in each State holding an Official State Pageant. If you were to win the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant title in your age category, or All-American Miss Tourism, then yes you will be required to sign a contract and give all your attention to your new reign. But, we will attempt to do all we can to keep you busy with your new title... Miss Tourism Pageant Organization Rules All state finalists please read, and print to postal mail to us or scan and email back to us at Miss Tourism Organization Rules
  • I was accepted as an appointed queen, How do I obtain my crown and sash?
    We submit the custom order for your sash, specially personalized with your new title, once the entire title fee is paid. Please note that it may take up to eight weeks but for Miss Tourism average is 3 to 4 weeks, for the sash to be delivered to our office. Once we have it, we will send out your queen box through USPS. The delivery time of the queen box will vary depending on your location. Rest assured, we strive to expedite the process and send out the Queen Boxes as quickly as we can. We understand your excitement to wear your new crown and sash, please do not schedule anything until your crown and sash both are in your hand. This will avoid any embarrassing situation if there is any type of delay in receiving your regalia, (shipping delays etc.)
  • What are the required competitions ?
    All State Finalists attending World/National Finals will compete in required events they are: Interview Formal Wear floor length Evening Gown Photogenic Those competing for Worlds Miss Tourism in her age group will also do State Costume Those competing for All-American Miss Tourism in her age group will also do Patriotic wear.
  • Do the personal interviews take place in a one-on-one format?
    Certainly! The Interview competition, which is mandatory, will involve one-on-one sessions with each judge. You will have the opportunity to rotate and engage in conversations with every judge for approximately one minute or less. Rest assured, the questions asked will be friendly, suitable for your age, and designed to encourage open-ended responses. This enjoyable and uplifting experience will prove beneficial for all contestants, fostering personal growth and preparing them for future endeavors.
  • Is previous pageant experience required ?
    Absolutely NOT! Prior pageant experience is not a requirement whatsoever. Every young lady, regardless of her level of pageant experience, possesses the potential to excel and even become a state or national representative for The Miss Tourism Pageant Organization. Rest assured, we are dedicated to equipping you with all the necessary information, assistance, and resources to ensure your preparedness for the pageant weekend. Our primary focus is on discovering a poised and enthusiastic individual who can confidently this pageant and represent her state. First-time contestants often make exceptional participants and outstanding representatives, showcasing their remarkable qualities in the process.
  • Is it mandatory to receive "coaching" or undergo formal training?
    Absolutely not! Our comprehensive resources, including our series of resources, combined with the guidance and expertise of our experienced and professional staff, will furnish you with a strong foundation to develop your unique style and master the essential stage techniques necessary for competitions. Furthermore, we show you how to practice and rehearse throughout the year for pageant weekend, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared to deliver your absolute best performance when the time comes for you to grace the stage!
  • When am I Officially a Miss Tourism Pageant Queen ?
    Upon completing your online registration, including the online entry form and complete your invoice payment for your title fee and receiving a welcome email from our Miss Tourism Pageant Organization Office containing your official Miss Tourism Pageant Organization title, you officially become a state title holder Queen. This signifies your official induction into the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization family. Please note that titles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Om-Line entry click link Once we receive your form we will send an invoice payment due on receipt. Once paid we will send an email with your Official Welcome and your official title Miss Tourism Pageant Organization title.
  • I did not see a prize package on your website.
    Miss Tourism Pageant Organization does not post our prize package on site. The reason for this is many sponsors offer prizes, services and other enticing product, however not all of them come through. It is never the goal of Miss Tourism Pageant Organization to mislead or the subject of someone saying I was not given something promised. To avoid the issue we choose not to post prizes. Also, this pageant is about your journey, community service and growth through doing. The prizes are just frosting... Past prizes that are consistent: suitcase, hair products from hair dryers to curling irons to hair product to enhance hairstyles. Photo shoots which are sponsored.
  • Do I have to travel with my new title ?
    As an Official State title holder whether appointed or not, travelling is not a requirement. You may if you like but it is not a requirement.
  • What is expected of a Tourism Queen?
    You have four, non-negotiable responsibilities as a titleholder: 1. You must help recruit new contestants to the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization. 2. You must make at least one appearance per month with your crown and sash. 3. You must promote yourself and the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization brand on social media. A Tourism girl is supposed to the beacon and light for others to follow. Be the Inspiration and Not a decoration. Meaning, Show others how its done with good deeds, good works and volunteer work. Some fluff is good Parades, being in magazines, doing fashion shows and Photo shoots but this should not encompass your entire year as a Tourism Queen. The majority of your year should be doing more to help others and be significant.
  • Are there specific requirements for the color or style of my formal dress?
    While there are no specific mandates regarding the color or style of your formal wear dress, what truly matters is that you feel confident and exceptional in your choice. Additionally, it's essential to consider the appropriateness for your age and ensure your comfort while wearing it. Opt for a color and style that complements your appearance the most. Please consult the guidelines for your respective age division. These guidelines will offer clarity on dress length and other relevant details.
  • What are the state residency requirements set by the Miss Tourism Pageant Organization? (to compete in a state pageant)
    To establish residency eligibility for competing in a specific state pageant, applicants must provide a minimum of three of the following listed items upon request by the pageant office. The provided documents should bear the applicant's name or the name of their legal guardian and be valid at the time of application: Driver's license U.S. passport State-issued ID card Employee ID card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality Military identification School report card in the applicant's name, indicating physical attendance in one or more classes at a school located in that state School registration showing enrollment for physical attendance in one or more classes at a school located in that state Social security registration Utility bill Public aid ID card Lease or rental contract for a residence Mortgage documents of the residence Residence deed Voter registration card Relocation orders (PCS or TDY) from a branch of the United States Armed Forces Homestead property tax exemption certification Other valid documentation of state residency, submitted by the applicant and subject to review and approval by MTPO MTPO is the sole authority in determining an applicant's residency. Failure to provide the necessary residency documents may result in refusal of the application, denial of participation, non-refundable fees, and potential revocation of titles and awards. If the applicant has custodians residing in different states with a written joint legal custody arrangement, they have the option to register in either state. Any inquiries regarding residency must be submitted in writing via email. Inquiries should include complete contact information of the inquirer and specific questions related to the residency of a particular applicant. These inquiries should be directed to the MTPO national office at
  • What does the term "Sponsor Fee" refer to?
    The complete sponsor fee amounts to $545.99. This fee covers various expenses associated with organizing the pageant, including awards, trophies, choreographers, emcees, lighting, sound, staging, judges' expenses, staff, flowers, hotel ballroom rental, cash awards, printed materials, scholarships, office support, and numerous other elements that contribute to ensuring an exceptional program experience for you and your family. You have the flexibility to have as many or as few sponsors as you prefer to contribute towards reaching your total sponsor fee of $545.99. Businesses, family members, friends, or engaging in fundraising activities are all excellent ways to raise your sponsor fee. It is important to note that sponsor fees are non-refundable without any exceptions. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that sponsor contributions can cover various pageant-related costs, such as the Sponsor Fee itself, Production Number Outfit, Final Show Tickets, Optional Contests, Hotel Room, Roses, and more. So, don't limit yourself to just meeting the $545.99 threshold!
  • I really want to participate in the pageant, but I'm unsure how to secure sponsors. What steps can I take to obtain sponsors?
    A good starting point is to approach businesses where your family has existing connections. Salons, cleaners, insurance companies, banks, doctors, dentists, local stores, and other businesses in your community can be great potential sponsors. It's advisable to call ahead and schedule appointments with these potential sponsors. When visiting them, make sure to dress professionally, as this can also serve as valuable practice for your interview. Many sponsors may ask you questions about the pageant, so it's beneficial to review the pageants About Page for additional helpful ideas. It's worth noting that sponsors receive recognition in your state yearbook, and any contributions they make towards your sponsor fee are tax-deductible for their business. Please also feel free to utilize the Miss Tourism Pageant Productions Resources for the printable brochure and forms you may print the PDF brochures, for help in obtaining sponsors. For best results print on linen bright white or glossy paper found at the office store (ask for help) always present the most professionally you can.
  • If I decide not to participate in the Optional Contests, will it impact my likelihood of winning the overall pageant?
    While it's not a prerequisite, participating in more events can exponentially increase your chances of achieving a world win. Plus, there are additional perks, such as enhancing your confidence, honing your talents, improving your public speaking and modeling abilities, and so much more. So go ahead, let your radiance shine through, invest in yourself, and take those crucial steps towards realizing your dreams! The scores from the optional contests, including Talent, Monolog/Commercial, Super-Model, American Model, Cover Model, or Media Model, do not impact the final outcome of the overall pageant. These optional contests are evaluated separately from the required events. Each optional contest presents an opportunity for you to showcase your talents and be acknowledged in your specific area of interest. Have you ever imagined yourself in the spotlight, basking in the glow of an adoring audience, as they cheer and applaud your performance?
  • Is it necessary for me to sell advertising in order to participate?
    Spotlight Ads: Worlds Miss Tourism Cover Girl This is your chance to make your World pageant yearbook extra special! The Miss Tourism Yearbook consists of two main sections; (1) the Contestant Pages that show each contestant in each age division and (2) the fun and custom Feature Pages. You, your family, friends, and businesses all have a chance to buy a full color feature page to showcase you, a local business, and even write you a personal message. The feature pages are optional and have no bearing on the overall scores. No, selling advertising is not mandatory. However, if you choose to sell ads, you will have the chance to earn special prizes or awards. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to gain recognition in your community, ensure that your hometown and community are acknowledged in the Souvenir "yearbook" program book, and have a chance to win exciting prizes like Worlds Miss Tourism Cover-Girl. Detailed information regarding the pricing of program booklet advertising and the range of available prizes and awards will be provided to you. No, selling advertising is not mandatory. However, if you choose to sell ads, you will have the chance to earn special prizes or awards. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to gain recognition in your community, ensure that your hometown and c ommunity are acknowledged in the state program book, and have a chance to win exciting prizes such as free hotel nights. Detailed information regarding the pricing of program booklet advertising and the range of available prizes and awards will be provided to you.
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