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Miss Tourism Quick Info Guide


The Main Event

The Main Event are the competitions choosing our New Worlds Miss Tourism Age Group Queens, THE Exquisite 8!!

Those Required Events Are:

-Private Interview  

-Intro/Evening Gown  



Each Count for 25% of

the total score

Contestants can earn UP to 25 points by impacting the world.



The Main Event Age Categories for Worlds Miss Tourism

-Miss Tourism Princess 5-9

-Miss Tourism Preteen 10-12

-Miss Tourism Jr. Teen 13-15

-Miss Tourism Teen 16-18

-Miss Tourism 19-26

-Ms. Tourism 27-49

-Mrs. Tourism 21-49

-Classic Ms. 50 & Up


Why Miss Tourism  

Believing there is beauty in everyone, Miss Tourism is inclusive. No matter height, weight, shape, economic status, ethnicity, YOU are welcome here.

Miss Tourism is considered a Natural event for girls ages 5 to 12 

Glam for 13 and Up

Earn The Presidents Volunteer Service Award through Miss Tourism Pageants

NEW to Miss Tourism 

The Impact Awards see more info below

Global Platform

T.H.I.N.K. Before you speak 
Anti Bully Initiative  

Discover your Personal Platform or choose ours. Rock your Reign by giving it purpose and a voice! 

Miss Tourism Pageants - Unmasking 

 Miss Tourism Pageants unlocks for you, 
a world of opportunity for...
personal growth, empowerment, and meaningful connection that can set you up for success in LIFE!

Before the LIVE Pageant:

At Miss Tourism Pageants, Just by Registering,

every NEW Royal will get a special package in her mail. This carefully packed box holds her gorgeous Crown of stars and her new title,  on a beautifully embroidered sash.


Then she will receive her guide book in email along with other guides to get her year started of correctly.


  Each filled with valuable resource and tips on how to maximize your reign and make the most out of your pageant experience.

This is WHY you Don't need to be a pro. 

What do you do with your new title?

Well this is where you will shine, of course! We will provide you with photo challenges, video challenges and all kinds of appearance idea's. We want you to be a STAR in your community. 

It doesn't matter if you have never done a pageant before. Because at Miss Tourism we help you... as a family, through every step. Through our group, to your Tourism Sister Mentors. And through short easy to grasp guides. No one gets left behind. 

Personal Platform to give your title a voice...

We do encourage our queens to choose a personal platform and we are even giving the information away for free just sign up on the pop-up. refresh your screen and it will pop up again. 

A personal platform helps your reign and title have purpose during your year. Our guide was designed to help you make a difference. Maybe you love pets and can speak on adoption, or the best pet friendly toys, maybe your into fashion and can use your platform to teach the world how to dress to impress. 

No matter what you choose we will be right here to encourage and support you!!

The Main Event is For Beginners and Seasoned Pros

After you have set the world on fire before the pageant... wait till you see what's in store for you at the LIVE PAGEANT.

You will arrive to the pageant location, where you already know all of your new friends from our group. 

We will Rock on stage events, there will be an optional Gala Dinner where we will award some very distinguished honors.

Then the girls will dance the night away under the stars.

As we finish all competitions we wait for Sundays Crowning Moments! The Miss Tourism Exquisite Eight will be crowned and go on to Inspire the World!

Free E-Book when you join us Refresh if you missed the pop up..


Taking On The World

Soon, Some Blog Posts will only be available to our Members Only!

Consider Signing up:
Bronze -3Mo. $10.99 | Silver -6Mo $18.99 | Gold -1year $25.99

You won't want to miss anything.

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Inspire - Lead -Influence 
Develop skills such as decision-making, delegation, and teamwork.

Memories with Miss Tourism Pageants
Cherished for years to come.

What Customers and Queens Love About
Miss Tourism Pageants

"Tourism isn't just a pageant,  to get a pretty crown.  It's a family.    I was welcomed in the first day- and years later,  I have never felt more loved. Ms. Teri doesn't just say she loves her girls, her actions show it. "

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Sponsors & Partners

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