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A Main Event Competition
The Miss Tourism Interview Competition

25% of your total score 
The Interview Competition helps us choose who will reign as Miss Tourism in her age category.
Ages 5-12 2 Minute Interview
Ages 13 and Up 3 Minute Interview. 

The Interview helps our judges know if you are "Press" ready. Our judges prioritize authentic, warmth and friendliness, encouraging the authenticity in our delegates. Contestants will be asked questions that are age-appropriate, without any political, religious, or 'textbook' questions. They are looking for a sense of who you are. They have questions they will ask. You do not need a bio sheet. You will not know what a judge is about to ask. Prepare to be yourself. Prepare your Interview Look. These few things help the judges recognize who is ready right now.  Dresses, jumpsuits, or two-piece suits are appropriate choices; choose something to reflect your fashion-forward personality. Your goal is to express your unique style. This is a pageant so embellishment is ok. More detailed Information in your Miss Tourism Guide Book. You will wear your sash to the Interview.
Who Competes in Private Interview:

  • Those Competing for Worlds Miss Tourism

  • Those Competing for All American Miss Tourism

  • Those Competing for International Miss Tourism

Ages 5-12 No flippers, no wigs or falls. Clear Lip gloss, a tiny mascara and a little blush.
Ages 13 and Up anything goes

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