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Role Model Ambassador

Age Categories:

Girls/Ladies Ages:

Jr. Miss 3-4

Jr. Pre-Teen  5-8

Pre-Teen 9-12

Jr. Teen  13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49 

Ms. 21-49

Classic Ms. 50 and Up

Boys/Guys/Men Ages:

Jr. Mister 3-7

Pre-Teen Mr.  8-12

Jr. Teen Mr.  13-15

Teen Mr.  16-18

Mr. 19-26


Miss/Mr. Role-Model 2024 

( Choose Miss/Mr. Global Role-Model, Miss/Mr. International RM, Miss/Mr. World RM, Miss/Mr. Hemisphere RM, Role-Model of the Galaxy, or Role Model of the Globe)

You may reserve your title now. This title will ship November 2023. 

We would be proud to announce YOU our new Role-Model 2024. Our Role-Models are a shining example of what it means to be an international role model. With dedication to making a positive impact on a global scale, these Role-Models have already proven that beauty and brains can and do go hand in hand. Throughout  life, they have worked tirelessly to inspire and empower people from all walks of life, breaking down barriers and promoting equality and understanding. Whether it's through advocacy work, volunteer initiatives, or educational programs, our Role models have always been a shining light for those who need it most. So, let's give a warm round of applause for our  Role Model, who we know are sure to inspire us all with  grace, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world.

This sash is a gorgeous Silver Border, Black center with White embroidery. This title comes with the crown pictured to the left. Title Fee is $395.99 if paid in full discount,  one time, no additional fees.   


Payments may be made one when you receive invoice for $223.00 and another payment of $223.00 30 days later. A noble title for the Role-Model who are more than beautiful, more than intelligent they are how this world will change for the better.

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