The Smallest Queens, make a BIG impact!

The Journey of a thousand opportunities, begins with Tourism.
Start your journey NOW.

  Inspire   Influence   Lead

The Journey of a thousand opportunities, begins with Tourism.
Start your journey NOW.


The  Miss  Tourism Pageants  are not the typical pageant event.

Miss Tourism Pageant Event:

Of course, we offer tradition events at the live pageants, Evening Wear, Interview, State Costume and Photogenic categories. Learn More Here... Miss Tourism also offer our contestants, a chance to showcase what makes them "Shine," by offering many optional events and a chance to win Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Learn More Here...
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Miss Tourism Sponsors:

Scholarships, Sponsored Awards,  Travel Opportunities, Appearance opportunities, New York Fashion Week Opportunity,  Publishing opportunity, Corporate Ads and so much more.

A World of Opportunity awaits you! The Miss Tourism Pageants Franchise was created to give an affordable opportunity to all girls. Miss Tourism Pageants, encourages positive achievements, always in their Rhinestone encrusted Title Sash and  under the Tourism Crown of Stars.  Since 1998 Miss Tourism Pageants chooses girls and women, who not only inspire, influence, and lead others, but also understand the role they play as The Worlds Sweethearts.   
Whether this is your first pageant, or you have been in a pageant before, this is the pageant you have been looking for! Worlds Miss Tourism, is an opportunity you will forever remember, as your most cherished title, and experience ever. You will be a Star, an Inspiration, Influencer and the Leaders so desperately needed. You’ll gain  self-confidence, and valuable communication skills. All of this is possible with a lot of work. You will be taken out of your comfort zone. You will be sought out as the celebrity you are. You’ll feel good about yourself and gain the confidence  to succeed later, in whatever field you may choose. Sign up for your 2022 State Title because, In JULY of 2022, we will kick up some dust, bringing with it Great Prizes, to include scholarships in each age group as we gather,  July 22, 23, 24th,  2022, to crown the new:                        

Worlds Tiny Age 3-4, Little Age 5-7, Jr. Miss Age 8-9 , Pre-Teen Age 10-12, Jr. Teen Age 13-15, Teen Age 16-18, Miss Age 19-27, Mrs. Age 21-49, Ms. 21-24 and Classic Ms. Tourism Age 50 and Up. Start today and get an experience! 

Starting with your Preliminary Title, your journey will then begin. A year of making appearances, doing challenges, creating a scrapbook full of your titles reign! You will be the Press Dream in your state, because your title comes complete with a Guide Book, guiding you from state title to World Stage!! Join NOW!!
Meet the Queens


Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants Challenges all of their contestants to get involved in their communities. This helps build self esteem, helps them learn public speaking and professionalism Never to young. A Tourism Queen is her peer Leader, the one who inspires and influences. We take that very seriously.  Girls who enter this event sign on for a year long journey. It is NOT a one and done. It is hard work to be famous! 



Worlds Miss Tourism hit the Runways of New York's Fashion Week. All ages were included. And the Tourism Delegates will hit the Runways in February 2022 as we see Spring Fashions Emerge!  Tourism Girls have appeared on covers and in Magazines, been in TV Commercials, Corporate videos, Corporate brochures, were brand ambassador for a movie and so much more. 



Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant will get you out of your comfort zone. You will learn things to help your future self.  Like News Reporting, Public Speaking, learning professionalism. Learning how to negotiate.  Skills she will carry with her to her life's work. Girls who put in the work will go on to be forward thinking, compassionate adults. Isn't it time you tried Worlds Miss Tourism



Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants, works hard for their queens who work hard for Worlds Miss Tourism, securing many magazine articles and covers for our Queens. We do everything in our power to find the best opportunities to showcase, encourage and show the value of our Queens. They are not your typical as seen on TV kiddie dramas. They are valued as hard working. They know its not all lipstick and heels. Sometimes a girl has to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty, through community out-reach!


Stand Up Against Bully's

As Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants works toward sharing our World Platform, we encourage our girls, without their own platform, to adopt ours. Believe it when we say Bully's are alive and terrorizing someone as you read this. We have to do better.  By Teaching Acceptance, compassion and kindness together we may just change the World. DREAM BIG!

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Official State Director for Your State.

Request Information by sending an Email to info@misstourismpageants.com
Please include your name, what State You are interested in and what if any experience you have in directing.  (not necessarily required)
Must be 21 or older. 
Please note Worlds Miss Tourism will correspond through the Official State Director Only.
Should you choose to have someone assist, you will be the Official director. Co-directors will go through the state director ONLY!


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