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Optional Competition Events: Miss Tourism Grand Supreme

Age Categories for Optional Events: All contestants may compete for Grand Supreme, both Worlds and All-American Miss Tourism contestants compete together for these amazing titles. 

  • Princess 5-12

  • Queen 13-18

  • Royal 19 & Up

  • Plus 1 Ultimate Grand Supreme with the highest scores

Event Selection and Scoring: To compete for the prestigious title of Grand Supreme, contestants are required to participate in a minimum of 4 events of their choice. You have the freedom to choose from the 6 optional events available. Should you decide to showcase your versatility and take part in all 6 events, we will consider your 4 highest scoring events to determine your overall placement in the Grand Supreme category.

Achieving Excellence: The Grand Supreme title represents the ultimate achievement, celebrating contestants who excel across multiple events, displaying their unique talents and abilities. It's a testament to your exceptional skills and dedication to the pageant experience.

Reaching New Heights: While it's rare, we embrace the possibility that you can achieve greatness by winning both your age division main title and the coveted Grand Supreme title. Let your outstanding performances propel you to new heights and leave a lasting legacy as a true Tourism Ambassador!

Get ready to embrace the challenge and shine brightly in your chosen events. The journey to Grand Supreme is a rewarding and unforgettable experience, celebrating your individuality and commitment to becoming the best version of yourself!


  • Miss Tourism Hollywood

  • Miss Tourism Super-Model

  • Miss Tourism Broadway

  • Miss Tourism American Model

  • Miss Tourism Cover-Photo-Model

  • Miss Tourism Media-Photo-Model

Talent: Miss Tourism Hollywood:

  • You have a 2-minute time limit for your talent performance.

  • Please submit your music in MP4 format to with the subject line "Talent Music." Include your age category, title, and contestant's name.

  • Ensure you have a backup CD or MP4 that you can easily provide at the pageant, just in case of technical issues.

  • Vocalists should perform without vocals on the music track to showcase their clear and beautiful voices.

  • Performers may use props, but they must be manageable by the contestant alone, and no assistance is allowed during the act.

Super-Model: Miss Tourism Super-Model:

  • Your Super-Model runway presentation should not exceed 1 minute.

  • We will provide upbeat music for your performance.

  • Showcase your inner Super-Model as if you were walking the iconic runways of NY, Milan, or Paris. Headpieces are allowed.

  • Wow the judges with a runway-worthy outfit, and remember, Super-Models do not smile during their runway walks.

Actress: Miss Tourism Broadway:

  • You have a 1-minute time limit for your acting performance.

  • No music will accompany this competition; it is a speaking and acting event.

  • Perform a monologue or commercial that keeps it family-friendly and appropriate.

  • Concentrate on entertaining the audience and showcasing your acting abilities.

  • Props are allowed but must be manageable by the contestant alone, without assistance.

American Runway Model: Miss Tourism American Model:

  • Your American Model runway presentation should not exceed 1 minute.

  • We will provide upbeat music for your runway walk.

  • Select an off-the-rack item from a store, style it to your liking, and impress us with your runway modeling skills.

  • Accessories are allowed, and remember, American Models smile and have fun on the runway.

On the Cover: Miss Tourism Cover-Model:

  • Contestants should submit an 8.5 x 11 photo suitable for a fashion/style magazine cover.

  • Retouching of the photo is allowed, but no words should be directly placed on the photo.

  • Showcase your most captivating and stunning image for this magazine-worthy competition.

Media Model: Miss Tourism Media-Model:

  • Contestants will submit a photo that looks like an ad in a magazine, promoting jewelry, clothing, cola, or any similar product.

  • Photos should be placed in separate photo protectors with labels for "On the Cover" and "Media Model."

  • On the back of the photo protector, print your name, full title (as displayed on the sash), age, and category for Optionals (Princess 5-12, Teen 13-18, Queen 19 and Up).

  • Bring your photos to registration; no submissions will be accepted after registration.

Get ready to shine in these exciting competitions and showcase your exceptional talent, modeling, and acting skills! Embrace the spotlight and let your inner star dazzle the judges and audience!

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