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Miss Tourism World Pageant 2025 | Crowning our Worlds Miss Tourism 2026 Queens

Miss Tourism World Pageant 2025 will be held July 11 - 13, 2025 Miss Tourism Pageants produces eight national pageants, each providing our queens her celebrity moment as she is crowned on stage, with her new sister queens cheering her on!

Pageant Location See Below.


Miss Tourism Princess Age Divisions:
Ages 9-12     Miss Tourism Preteen

Ages 5-8       Miss Tourism Princess

Miss Tourism Queen Age Divisions:
Ages 19-26     Miss Tourism

Ages 16-18     Miss Tourism Teen

Ages 13-15     Miss Tourism Jr. Teen

Miss Tourism Royal Age Division

Ages 50-Up     Miss Tourism Elegance

Ages 21-49     Mrs. Tourism

Ages 27-49     Ms. Tourism 

The Main Event Chooses the NEW 

Worlds Miss Tourism Princess

Worlds Miss Tourism Preteen

Worlds Miss Tourism Jr. Teen

Worlds Miss Tourism Teen

Worlds Miss Tourism

Worlds Ms. Tourism

Worlds Mrs. Tourism

World Elegant Ms. Tourism


First Step: Check out the INTERVIEW COMPETITION


Top 5 in Miss, Teen and Jr. Teen will compete in on-stage question.

Each Queen receives an E-Book Detailing every aspect of the LIVE pageant. The 2025 Miss Tourism Everything You Need To know About Finals Guidebook 


special events and optional competitions during nationals weekend.



Miss Tourism World Pageant


$195.99 national entry fee and $545.99 The Main Event national package fee.


Win Your State Title of:

At the 2025 Events we will crown our,  Worlds Miss "Your State" Tourism 2026, for your age group in the MAIN Competition and the national entry fee of $195.99 is paid for by your state pageant as part of your state prize package (if you receive an open appointed title, you are responsible for this payment.) All Contestants will pay a National Package Fee. See Prices We do not hold titles first to apply that qualifies will be awarded. 

Each Delegate Receives:

-Official state crown (pictured left)

-Official state sash (pictured left)

-Entry into all required World competitions

-Video during nationals

-Color spotlight ad in the national program book 

-Professional spotlight ad design

-Assigned queen to mentor

-Headshot on advertising banner
-NEW: Delegate Breakfast break

-NEW: Delegate ticket to Gala dinner/dance

-Delegate Commemorative 2025 T-shirt

-Delegate Pass to parties and special events

-Delegate Pass to all optionals shows 

-Delegate Pass to all preliminary shows

-Delegate Pass to finals show

-Entry into the People's Choice Competition

-Delegate Pass to Pageant Workshop

-Complimentary coaching sessions

-Sponsor gift bag

-An exciting weekend with all your Besties

 Pageant Location

Miss Tourism Pageants | Pageant Location:
In order to keep our delegates safe we never list the location of our event publicly. Our highest priority is to keep our delegates safe from outside influences, domestic violence, trafficking, and other real threats. For those reasons this event is private. If you are interested in attending please email  Contestants friends and family always welcome. 

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