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Age Categories:

Girls/Ladies Ages:

Jr. Miss 3-4

Jr. Pre-Teen  5-8

Pre-Teen 9-12

Jr. Teen  13-15

Teen 16-18

Miss 19-26

Mrs. 21-49 

Ms. 21-49

Elegant Ms. 50 and Up

Universe, World, and National Crown



Step into the realm of the Goddess of the Universe Pageant, where beauty meets sustainability, and kindness knows no bounds. This unique event celebrates the green-conscious, environmentally-minded individuals who are dedicated to inspiring others through their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and acts of kindness towards both people and the planet.

Goddess of the Universe is not just a pageant; it's a celebration of eco-consciousness and community service, where contestants strive to make a positive impact on the world around them. With a focus on environmental stewardship and compassion for all living beings, contestants in this esteemed ambassador event showcase their dedication to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

At Goddess of the Universe, community service takes on a planetary scale as contestants seek out and engage in a wide range of eco-friendly initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and promoting sustainability. From organizing beach, Lake, and City cleanups to advocating for renewable energy, these goddesses lead by example, inspiring others to adopt green practices and live more harmoniously with nature.

But the mission of the Goddess of the Universe Pageant extends beyond environmental activism; it's also about fostering kindness and empathy towards all living beings. Contestants demonstrate their commitment to compassion by volunteering at animal shelters, supporting local farmers markets, and advocating for social justice causes that promote equality and inclusivity.

Join us as we crown the next Goddess of the Universe – a shining beacon of sustainability, kindness, and inspiration. Together, let us celebrate the extraordinary individuals who remind us that by living in harmony with nature and showing compassion towards others, we can truly make the world a better place for all beings, human and non-human alike.

How does it work?


Scroll to top of page  across from where the Goddess of the Universe Ambassador title is, click the link that says Ambassadors Apply Here. Fill in the application. Those selected will receive an invoice to pay the title fee. The Invoice is due within 24 hrs of receiving.

The crown we chose for our Goddess of the Universe Ambassadors is pictured above. Sash is white with Black Letters and Green Border. 

Angels of the World Entry Fees Below:

Entry fee is $295.99 (if Pay in Full Discount)

Two payments may be made $163.00 one due upon acceptance and one 30 days later) 


Add stones to sash Option $130.00

Red Robe Option $100.00

Name on Back of Sash $40.00

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