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A Main Event Competition
The Miss Tourism Photogenic Competition

25% of your total score 
The Photogenic Competition | A Main Event helps us choose who will reign as Miss Tourism in her age category.

All of our contestants will compete in the Photogenic competition. These enchanting photos should be the best of the best —a celebration of beauty, charisma, and timeless elegance captured in a single photograph.

Photos should have the crown and sash on, but the sash does not have to show completely we just need to know its there. Photos should be clear, sharp and look like the contestant. Little retouching please. Age appropriate.

Since Miss Tourism is out and about news, radio and other outlets might want to snap a photo for an article or upcoming interview with you. We have to know that our newly crowned Miss Tourism Queen for her age group is ready for that.

Ages 5-12 No flippers, no wigs or falls. Clear Lip gloss, a tiny mascara and a little blush.
Ages 13 and Up anything goes

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