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Tourism Oscar's Challenge

Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Productions and Events™ is searching for the most exceptional girls and women around the World, to represent the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant in their communities and participate in festivities to be held July 2022.
The mission of Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants is to provide a platform for our girls and women to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, to be a community activist by making each community better through good works and events and by being the Inspiration, Influence and Leaders this world so desperately needs.  Tourism girls and women are featured   in fashion and pageantry magazines, media and are afforded leadership opportunities. The official 501c3 Foundation of Miss Tourism Pageant Productions and Events Coming Soon. 

Anti-Bully Program

Please Check this out and HELP if you can.  Our Girls need us to step up!

We are amping the development of the largest Anti Bully Campaign ever created. We adopted the National Platform in 2008 when a Florida Cheerleader was held captive while her "friends" beat her 

and most recently one of own... our Worlds Jr. Teen Miss West Virginia Tourism 2021, was assaulted from behind, from her friend who was mad, because Phylicia spent the night at another friends home. Phylicia has suffered a busted lip, a broken nose, she has whiplash and also has an internal head injury. The hospital released her last night under close supervision, Phylicia is 14 yrs old and autistic. Phylicia is going to need our support.  She is our Sister. Most recently diagnosed with PTSD. This program is going to be an asset and much needed addition to all programs, Schools, Work place, spousal, cyber and many many more. Give as little as a Dollar or as much as you can. Lets Put a Stop to this. 

THIS:  World Wide Campaign will send girls  into the public, who will  speak out against and educate, especially girls, Along with creating a safe environment where a person can talk to someone who will listen and offer educated solutions we also, plan to educate on the after effects of what bullying does. Help us create this much needed program. We need to create a website dedicated to this program,  a hot line, training course for those who will be helping, insurance for travel, set up of speaking engagements, marketing and admin to ensure this program is a success.

Please consider Donating Something...Anything you can at all. 
Together WE can make a Difference!

23.8% of girls are bullied at school to
16.5% of boys 
17.5% of girls have been a subject of rumor to 9.3% of boys  
15.8% of girls have been made fun of called names or insulted to 10.3% of boys
6.9% of girls have been excluded from activities on purpose  to 3.5% of boys   STATISTICS FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION...

Lastly, PLEASE tell us your Bully Story if you were a victim or if you were a bully...Tell us details your story from start to finish and where you are today. Please no pageant references. We want facts details. Your story could land you on our Board Tween Board, Teen Board and ALL STAR BOARD. EMAIL STORIES to firstrowproductions@hotmail.com

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